Last summer on August 25 2020, 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse, fatally shot two men and
wounded another in Kenosha, Wisconsin during a Black Lives Matter protest that had turned
violent. Following the shooting, Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with two counts of first
degree intended homicide, first degree reckless homicide, and two charges of first degree
reckless endangerment of safety. Due to the politicism of the Black Lives Matter Movement and
the controversy of the second amendment, this case (combined with Rittenhouse’s age and the
conservative hysteria surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement) caused much debate
among the American people regarding the validity of the BLM movement and the dangers of
current gun laws. Many have argued that Rittenhouse acted in self defense, while others point
to how a 17 year old boy elected to bring a rifle to a crowded and chaotic location, while also
lawfully possessing and openly carrying an automatic firearm.

This past week Rittenhouse was found to be not guilty on all charges, and almost immediately
afterward started a PR campaign to paint a different picture of who he is as a person.
Rittenhouse has appeared in an upcoming documentary on FOX, and hosted by Tucker Carlson,
about his case and personal views on the situation. In the short clip that has been released so
far, Rittenhouse firmly states that he is “not racist” and “supports BLM movement”.

Regardless of politics, Rittenhouse will always be known as the person that killed two people in
Kenosha during the chaos. His public relations campaign may try to argue that of his lawyer:
that he was purely acting to defend himself; however this reputation will follow him for the rest of
his life. Although he was acquitted from these charges he is still viewed as guilty in the eyes of
many. Rittenhouse’s PR team will not be able to reverse the damage that has already been
done by the politicism of his case and the controversy regarding the second amendment. Had
Rittenhouse had committed another crime (not murder) and had access to a public relations team prior to the start of the possible controversy, they would have been able to control the
narrative sooner, thus softening the blow in the public eye when a verdict was reached.
However, because the case involves violent death, some of which was captured on video, and
maintained a prominent spot in national headlines for over a year, Rittenhouse will never be
able to shake his reputation, no matter the outcome of the trial. His name will always be
synonymous with getting away with murder and will remain guilty by carrying the title of his own
last name.