COVID-19 changed the world in so many ways. People worldwide have to adapt to those changes to perform their normal day-to-day, especially people who are working during the pandemic. As the virus continues to be a significant issue, there’s a whole group of people who are now working from home for the first time. Whether that’s you or you’re looking to help someone strive to keep productivity going out of the office, here’s a few things that might help make the transition seamless and how to stay sane when working remotely.

Make a dedicated workspace
It would be pleasant to work from the comfort of your bed; it’s not the most helpful way to bring out your best work. As a commuter student who did most work in the bedroom, I can tell you this: keep work separate from the bedroom. Your space should serve as a sanctuary that doesn’t contain the stressors of work. Create an area that you can work in that’s separate from the places where you relax.

Keep a schedule
When you no longer have to commute to work, you might find that you don’t have to do the things you’d typically do. It seems alluring to sleep into the last minute before you have to start working, but you wouldn’t make the most of your time. It’s essential to keep to your usual schedule. Wake up early, eat breakfast, workout. You can take the time you spend commuting doing something productive. While it’s nice to sleep in, you’d feel better if you make the most of your time.

Make sure you have the things you need
Working in an office is easy because you already have everything you need. You don’t need to worry about office supplies, printers, internet speed, etc. When working from home, you want to make sure you’re ready to go for the week. Whether you need to increase your internet speed, obtain malware, and antivirus software to secure company information, make sure you have everything you need to make the transition as seamless as possible.

When five o’clock rolls around
At the end of the workday, walk away from work. Go to your sanctuary and relax. You deserve it. It can be easy to overlook the time and work till late, but keep in mind that people will be working from home for an undetermined amount of time. You don’t want to burn yourself out at the beginning of the week. Separate your work life from your personal life as much as you can. As I said above, it’s essential to keep to a schedule, and that means having the time to unwind and rest for the next day. You may find yourself in limbo when you’re working from home, so for your sake, keep a healthy balance between work and life even if your office is in the comfort of your home.