Walking into the double doors of Flyers Training Center in Vorhees, New Jersey you are
met with a sea of fans repping orange and black. These dedicated fans are here supporting their
favorite team just for a Thursday morning practice. The building is filled with chatter and
cheering as the Captain, number 28, Claude Giroux nets the puck in the last round of a drill. She
heads to the staircase in the right corner that most people probably don’t even notice. The
staircase leads her to long hallways filled with a main desk, offices and interview rooms. The
walls are lined with Philadelphia Flyers articles, artwork, memorabilia and more. She turns into
the third office on the right and she is in her home away from home. The desk is filled with
papers that have the Flyers logo on the top right corner, there is a calendar filled with important
dates and events and all different kinds of to-do lists. The average fan has no idea of all the
important, essential work that gets done at this desk. Alexandra Samuelsson is the Game
Operations Coordinator for the Philadelphia Flyers. Alexandra works in the
communications/public relations department and is the head of public relations right hand lady.

Alexandra attended The College of New Jersey and left with a Bachelor’s degree in
Media and Communications Studies. In September of 2014, Alexandra received her first official
internship in the hockey world. She worked with the Philadelphia Flyers Wives Charities as
game night staff. She would verify the cash sales against receipts, monitor sales, meet sales
quotas, etc. “I can still remember how nervous I was when I got offered that position. But it was
something that I ended up loving and got to be pretty good at,” said Alexandra. Alexandra
worked under the Philadelphia Flyers Wives Charities from September of 2014 to April of 2015.

A year later in 2016, Alexandra applied for and then was offered an official internship
position with the Philadelphia Flyers. From January of 2016 to April of 2018, Alexandra worked
as a Public Relations Intern with the Flyers. Her duties included preparing game documents and
statistical packets, setting up the press box and other media locations in preparation for the game,
aided in the distribution of media credentials, conduct/record post-game interviews and then
transcribe them into documents for official use by the Philadelphia Flyers. “After working in this
position for just a few weeks I knew this is what I loved and wanted to do in the future, ” said

After the year of working this internship, Alexandra was offered a position with the
Philadelphia Flyers as a Public Relations Assistant right out of college. She was expected to help
out with anything the public relations staff needed assistance with. “I couldn’t believe it. I was
getting to work in the department that I love for an amazing organization,” said Alexandra.
She went on to work in that position for almost four years. Just recently in June of 2021,
Alexandra was offered a full time position as the Game Operations Coordinator. Her duties were
similar to the job and internship before but just more things added to her plate.