February means Valentine’s Day is coming up and Valentine’s Day means PR pitches
are going wild. During this month of love, brands are capitalizing on the holiday to lure in new
and existing customers or audiences. Billions of dollars are spent each year on gifts for people’s
significant others and loved ones. Whether it be a product or service being sold, PR
professionals are great at gearing their promotional efforts towards all things love and cupid. Not
only is this strategic and successful for these brands, but it is also fun for the people behind the
messages. This is an opportunity for their creative juices to start flowing and come up with
clever and intriguing concepts to relate their brand to the holiday.

I bet if you scroll through your social media feeds or email inbox, you will begin to see
countless Valentine’s Day themed campaigns from your favorite brands or even influencers.
With today’s use of influencer marketing, I would predict that there will be many influencers
being paid to promote products in relation to the holiday. For example, a makeup or perfume
brand may have someone create a post of them using their products to get ready for a date
night. This will then cause their followers to be persuaded that they should also be using those
products if they want to look or smell good on their own dates.

As we all know, a huge seller around this time of year is jewelry. Jewelry brands use a
great amount of PR in order to plan and execute their Valentine’s Day campaigns. They may
create commercials, love themed jewelry lines, social media posts, influencer programs and
much more. Let’s be honest, we all fall for the Kay Jewelers love stories where “every kiss
begins with Kay.” PR thrives off of holidays like Valentine’s Day, so begin to keep an eye out for
this content to see the creativity behind it all.