Hey there! My name is Aida Gashi and I am a Criminal Justice major. This semester I found myself in a PR class for 1853. I did not know what to expect when starting this class. I remember the first day when I walked into the classroom and was surrounded by Marketing and PR students. I was worried I was not going to understand the terminology or the processes of creating materials for clients. I quickly learned
that it’s really everyday stuff and experience that counts and could be contributed in the class. I was still very nervous and all around terrified I would say something wrong or something that was totally out there. More and more I started to get more comfortable with the class and realized that no one is going to make fun of me for throwing out my ideas. Honestly, I have always been intimidated taking any class that was outside of my major because I did not want to feel less intelligent than the other students. I think that PR gave me the little push I needed to venture out of my comfort zone and try other things.

PR is really taking what you know about the world, your experiences, and other people’s experiences and making it come to life. It’s all about doing research and conducting surveys to see what people enjoy the most about a certain topic and using all of the information you have gathered to advertise an organization or a product. I think these skills not only help in the PR world, but in your career as well. Do the research about a job you want, inquire about the skills needed, ask people who are in that industry for advice and what they did, and then advertise yourself for the job you want. I guarantee you will be first on the employers mind. So you see, PR isn’t all about working to advertise a company or product, you can advertise yourself as well. And that is what I have learned being a Criminal Justice major in a PR class.