Public relations is vital to the music industry in many ways. It allows for the music artists put out to be shared with more people. Public relations in music allows for music to thrive. Public relations in the music industry creates a buzz for the artist. With fewer outlets covering up-and-coming artists, Public relations is vital for newer artists to get a footing in the industry. With changing technology and new media sites, a social media presence is essential for artists and bands to get their voices and music out.

Music also relies on Public relations for planning ahead in changing trends. It keeps ahead of live performances and releases from these artists. With the increased use of social media, music Public relations has grown in importance since social media presence is key for musicians to get and keep a following. When smaller sites shut down, Public relations is key for musicians to either rebuild or keep their following.

Public relations also provides extra job opportunities for those who want to be in the music industry but don’t feel like they can be a recording artist or producer. Due to the demand for public relations aspects in the music industry, artists having someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in that area is key for a growing and very demanding industry. Public relations is also a very diverse field within the music industry. There are a variety of publicists that someone can be within the music industry such as for tours and music releases. Each area of publication also has a director that goes with it. This creates a vast and expanding job field for people who love music but don’t want to be the face behind the music. Public relations ultimately is one of the most vital areas of the music industry because without it, artists eventually fade from public eye with time, but PR allows for music to thrive.