Taylor Swift just recently released another album called, “The Tortured Poets Department,” on April 19th, 2024. Despite it just being released, her fans knew about it for a while now.  The fans knew about the album from February 4th, 2024 – the night of the grammys. Taylor Swift announced it when she won the artist of the year. Ever since then, Taylor Swift has been marketing it for the past two months.

Taylor Swift is a singer, but she also knows how to market her album. Taylor Swift writes albums, and then creates entire era’s out of them. Every era has a different theme. This album has a theme of poetry, crime, love and heartbreak. Before this album was Midnights. That album had a theme of dark nights, romance, and self-discovery. Taylor Swift conveys these themes not only with her writing, but also her visuals. The visuals of each album are what make her music and the visuals are what help make her albums different. Her visuals are also what allow her to market her music so successfully.

Taylor Swift marketed the most for her newest album the week leading up to the release. She partnered with Spotify and built a site called The Tortured Poets Department. It was a site that people could visit. There were clues inside that building for the fans to find. This is only one example of how she marketed her album. It was successful because her album reached three hundred million streams on  Spotify in less than a day. This is only one of the countless records that Taylor Swift broke with her latest album. The reason it got so much success is because of the way that she marketed her album.