National Love Your Pet Day is being celebrated on Saturday February 20th this year! Love Your Pet Day gives pet lovers an excuse to give extra love to their fur babies. This holiday was created to encourage pet owners to spoil their pets and focus on the relationship they have built with them. ​Here are some ways you can celebrate with your pet this year!

●Allow your pet to have a special treat

●Go for a long walk or adventure!

●Give them lots of attention

●Practice some of their favorite commands! (Sit, Rollover, Fetch, Etc.)

●Play with their favorite toy!

●Don’t forget to have lots of snuggle time!

The holiday also encourages pet owners to observe their animals’ environment. Here are some ways to go about this:

●Inspect their toys and make sure they’re safe to play with! Get rid of any broken toys that may have become hazardous.

●Check that their vaccinations are up to date. If not, schedule their next vet appointment.

●Give them a bath, brush their hair, brush their teeth, etc. Make sure they’re nice and clean!

●Wash their bedding, blankets, etc. Even if it’s not laundry day!

Remember this is their day to be pampered!Give your fur babies a hug for us! Happy snuggling!