The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), is the leading organization for students in public relations or communications. Started in 1967, PRSSA has helped many students further their career by giving them access to scholarships, educational programs, and networking opportunities. This organization has also provided students with mentorship opportunities, connecting them with professionals that can help guide to them into a career in the communications fields. As a member of PSSRA, you will have access to countless opportunities to broaden your portfolio and career. The website provides you with links to see potential internship opportunities, upcoming events and PR competitions, and even applications to scholarships and leadership awards. As a member, you would also have access to their blogs, newsletters, publications, and case studies.

PRSSA has over 11,000 student members from universities across the country and even outside of the United states; they have advocate heavily for ethics and diversity in the field. These students all come together under one common interest; public relations and communications. With many career options, we start with a college education. PRSSA since their creation, has provided standards of what a degree in public relations looks like. As a member, you get access to fellow students and graduates, people who are studying the same things as you, and could be your future coworkers. You also get access to programs that can help you before you begin the job search, using their Certificate in Principles of Public Relations program, that can help your resume stand out when applying for jobs. This program can be done completely remote, and can help you stand out amongst other candidates.

The end of your academic career is not where the benefits stop; this membership will help you well into your career path. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), will continue to help you after you have finished your degree. The membership will give you access to lists of available jobs, and places to meet and talk to other people just starting out in the field of public relations. The membership costs 55 dollars for the year, and is definitely a worthy purpose for anyone who is pursuing a career in public relations.