I am a part of 1853 Communications, a student-run public relations firm. It all started in an animation course when a Global Media student started talking about being a part of a Public Relations Practicum. As a Computing Technology major, my classes mainly focus on graphic design and programming. I knew I wanted to get outside my comfort zone and do something that challenged me on a personal level. A class that encouraged me to improve my public speaking and networking skills. One thing led to another and before the course registrations opened, I knew what practicum I wanted to join: CM120B, a 2-credit class, which runs 1853 Communications.

However, as an outside major, I did not know if I had the right qualifications to join. Before I officially signed up, I reached out to Professor Christine Mullin, who teaches the course and is the faculty advisor for the firm, with some of my questions. My main concern was if I needed prior experience in public relations, or meet certain requirements to register? I learned that this practicum is open to all majors and that for the Spring 2024 semester, 1853 Communications would be participating in the Donate Life College Challenge. Hence, my origin story working at a PR agency for the first time had finally begun. Although it was something I have never done before, I was excited and ready to learn from this new experience.

This course has given me the chance to make new connections and feel part of a community. With each planning of an event, the PR agency is one step closer to achieving the goal, which is bringing awareness to Donate Life on campus. I am grateful to be a part of a team that is open, friendly to newcomers, especially those who have no prior experience in PR. Being able to participate in discussions, express ideas, and hear different perspectives since day one has allowed me to grow as a professional as well. I had the opportunity to do amazing things such as hand out goodie bags on Valentine’s Day to classmates, meet the President of Arcadia University, and work with an incredible group of people during donor drives. I have had fun spreading a message of life and hope to others. It has been a life changing course, CM120B, that continues to show me what is beyond my limits and that I am capable of handling different challenges that come my way.