As my final semester at Arcadia University draws to a close, I find myself fondly looking back on how many amazing opportunities I have been given within 1853 Communications.

I first joined the practicum in the Fall of 2022 and was immediately greeted with open arms. I was going through something incredibly devastating at the time, and being brought into the 1853 Comms family and treated as if I had been there for years was something I will never forget. Time progressed, and as we said goodbye to our graduating founding members, the title of Vice Firm Director found its way into my job description. The amount of trust bestowed upon me by Dr. Mullin and my classmates has truly been an honor and a privilege.

Throughout my time with the organization, we worked closely with ACCT Philly, Pals For Life, the Downtown Glenside Foundation, and Donate Life America, along with Arcadia’s own Media and Communication department (DMC), LocoMag, and Quiddity. I was also presented with the opportunity to join Arcadia’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Through working with these organizations, I have developed invaluable skills that will undoubtedly transfer to any job I am faced with for the rest of my life.

Working with ACCT Philly and Pals For Life both showed me that not only do people love animals, but they love feeling like a part of their community and like they’re making a difference. The Downtown Glenside Foundation taught me the importance of community as well, and how important it is to open your eyes and heart to smaller-scale businesses and events in your area. As for the DMC, LocoMag, and Quiddity, I learned that uplifting and supporting your fellow students’ creative endeavors and hard work is the most beautiful thing you can do for a classmate. I will take all of these lessons with me past graduation and apply them to my future, whatever it shall bring me.

Most recently, working with Donate Life America has been such a rewarding experience. As Vice Firm Director, I had to step up and take greater control of the reins of 1853 Comms. Along with Jo, Brianna, and our amazing team of account executives, we have accomplished something greater than ourselves. Learning and spreading facts about organ donation, signing people up to be organ donors, and holding events to spread awareness and education have all taught me great things about organizing events and using social media to spread the word about said events. Being given access to Canva Pro as well, I have learned many tips and tricks when it comes to graphic design and photo editing! Most importantly, I was the photographer for our big event on April 9th which allowed me to photograph people and animals in motion, as well as capture genuine emotions on people’s faces. This exposure has with no doubt helped me in my strides toward becoming a live music photographer. All in all, I have loved getting to interact more closely with the Arcadia community and my classmates this semester. In my opinion, we deserve to win first place in the Donate Life Challenge!

To conclude my final blog post as an 1853 Communications account executive and the Vice Firm Director, I cannot thank Dr. Mullin and my incredibly hard-working teammates enough for the kindness and trust they have shown me. I will always be grateful for my time in the agency and will continue to apply the skills I have learned to my everyday life. Congratulations to my fellow Class of 2024 teammates!